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Kettlebell Juggling

Yeah, I know it sounds beyond stupid but juggling Kettlebells is a lot of fun and a great way to see if you can make your techniques work together.  Just stringing simple things like Kettlebell Swings together can give you a whole different perspective on how to move better and where the movement should be coming from.  I've been juggling Kettlebells off and on, more off than on actually, since I first picked one up over a decade ago.  All I can tell you is that every time I catch the bug to start tossing them around again I get a renewed sense of appreciation from seeing young athletes over in Europe doing long juggling routines.  They make is look way and seamless... something that I know is tremendously hard to do. Check out the following video to see some excellent examples of what can be done with a kettlebell and a little time to burn... and a safe place to train i.e., no kids, hardwood floors, dogs, etc.!



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