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How Much Is Too Much?

RKC Big Six II_SmallWhen it comes to food I think you should get as much variety as possible - meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. But the reality of the average American's diet is that most people really only eat a handful of different meals and basic foods. Their choices suck (i.e., pizza is not a basic food group!) and their poor choices make them overweight and unhealthy.  

Does the same hold true when it comes to your training?  Do you need a lot of variety to "confuse" your body and trick it into making strength and conditioning gains?  Hardly!  The whole concept of confusing your body into getting stronger is total bunk, and while it will give you short term changes, so will doing anything new for a few weeks!

Do you really want to get long term changes in your strength and conditioning?  Then you're going to need to narrow your focus and work on developing exceptional basics and stick to that path.  If you really, really want to make changes you have to invest time in the basic skills (like the RKC Big Six: Swing Clean, Press, Squat, Snatch and TGU) and work towards not only mastering the movement but also progressively going heavier and heavier.

Check out this recent RKC Blog posting (by yours truly) to find out how you can use the humble Russian Kettlebell to get you on the right path to attain your strength and conditioning goals!


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