Whacked Out Wednesday Number 32
This Looks Like Something We Should Try!

Combat Volleyball?

Boot campTeam training and conditioning is a huge share of the fitness market and there are a myriad of approaches to this endeavor.  One of the more popular ones is putting a militaristic or "boot camp" spin to the training experience to "toughen up" the participants and push them to new levels.  This is a process that has been perfected by the military, and with ten of thousands of people put through their various programs, they have the process down to a science and know EXACTLY how far and how hard to push the recruits when training them through the various phases.  Can the same be said for a personal trainer, college level trainer, or even a S&C coach? 

Training athletes, especially pre-season, is a delicate balance of assessing strengths and weaknesses, creating new habits and building new skills.  Establishing trust, rapport and cohesion amongst team members should also be an integral part of the pre-season training experience.  What needs to be looked at when implementing a pre-season training program, like the one illustrated below, is do the risks of injury to the athletes offset the benefit of the training experience they receive?  Based on what I saw in the video I would think that their time could have been better spent... but that's just me!



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