Getting Upside Down - Frogstand to Shoulderstand
Whacked Out Wednesday Number 25

Too Old To Train?

I hear it all the time! "I'm too old to workout" or "I can't do that at my age".  I have one thing to say - BULLSHIT! Sorry for the language but you can and should train at every age; young, old and everything in between.  Your body needs to move and stretch, carry and crawl, and the longer you put off doing it the harder it's going to be.

I can remember driving by a tennis court with a friend of mine when he spotted some older Chinese men and women doing Tai Chi. They were amazing to watch and I was enthralled with how graceful and serene they were.  He looked at me and said "Man, they are crazy!".  My reply: "Yeah, they are crazy alright.  Crazy like a fox!"

Moving and playing with movement is something you should do each and every day.  It will keep you young, keep you smiling, and it WILL save your life.  Get up off your butt and get moving - NOW!



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