ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Whacked Out Wednesday Number 24

Laughing Really Does Help...

Crossfit_womenYou've all been there before.  You walk into the gym and the WOD is on the board.  The closer you get the worse it seems... and then you read the fine print!?!? :)  An ascending ladder of Burpees and Pull Ups?!?!  Who thinks this crap up???

It really does help to laugh, at not only yourself, but how others react to the posted WOD.  Everything from moans and groans to outright cursing happens on a daily basis.  If I don't get some sort of reaction to the WOD then I'm not doing my job... and I LOVE MY JOB! :)

Take a look at this great list of "70 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Doing CrossFit" and see how many of them you have... and this goes for the guys as well!


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