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Training from Fire Breathers to Baby Boomers

Fire-breatherIt doesn't matter which group you fit into, be it Fire Breather or Baby Boomers, there are going to be similarities in the training that can't be overlooked. Younger athletes are prone to leap first and worry about the landing when they are already in flight.  Older athletes don't want to jump unless they know where they are going to land and if a glass of wine is waiting for them. Then there are those who have no idea if they are a Fire Breather or a Baby Boomer and are constantly struggling to figure out what to do...

Regardless where you fit on the spectrum you need to keep a couple things in mind.  First - you need to move well.  Moving well means that you are loading and unloading the movement safely and efficiently without undue wear and tear on the body.  Moving well is a combination of good (if not great) coaching and good (if not exceptional) mobility.  Good coaching may be hard to find but it's worth the search and great mobility is something you can pursue on your own.

Second - you need to be comfortable with scaling.  Scaling means either replacing a technique or progression with something less technical or difficult or changing the movement outright.  We have to scale workouts every single day, and it's what a good coach will do to ensure the safety and progress of the athlete.  If your coach doesn't suggest scaling WOD's to you then you need to look around for another gym.  Greg Glassman said a few years back that the main site WOD's were for five percent of the population and the other ninety five percent should be scaling.  BTW - if your coach suggests that you scale something - do it!  They are looking out for you both short term and long term; say "thanks" and then get the work done.

Third - you need to put in the work.  Consistency - day after day, week after week, and month after month is how you are going to improve.  This goes for your mobility, strength and skill work.  No amount of supplements or intensity will trump consistency.  Be patient, put in the work and you will get the results you are looking for.

Finally - it's a workout not a punishment. Some people think they need to be a sweaty mass writhing on the ground for it to be a good workout.  I like to think of it differently.  If you worked hard, improved one or several skills, and feel like you accomplished something at the end of the WOD - it was a good one.  If you got a PR, feel like crap, and are sure you pulled something doing it - it was a waste of time. Going hard all the time is not going to make you stronger - it's going to burn you out sooner.

Fire Breather or Baby Boomer - you've got the same goals: move better, move longer and hopefully love longer as well.


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