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The Secret to Success at CrossFit Koncepts

I can sum up the secret to success at our gym (CrossFit Koncepts) in four words: Movement, Consistency, Humility, and Intensity.  It's as simple as that!  If you can embrace those for concepts then you will be a success and see huge improvements.


Movement is the key and the foundation that everything we do is based on.  Being able to perform the basic Kettlebell, Barbell and Body Weight skills at a high level starts with learning how to do them slowly with good (striving for perfect) form.  We get athletes in from other boxes all of the time that don't understand why we spend so much time drilling the basics and correct movement errors.  It's because you can't do the intermediate and advanced techniques without putting in the time, effort, sweat and blood into the basics.  Moving well takes a commitment to being mindful and aware of how your body functions - and has nothing to do with your score or time.


Expecting to get good FAST is a sure way to fail.  The most basic of skills takes tens of thousands of reps to become conversant in and as you go up in difficulty the time commitment increases as well.  Skipping the hard work (drilling the basics) and jumping to the advanced skills is not going to end well.  Being patient enough to put in the hours each week will pay dividends in the future but you have to train consistently to be able to access those skills.  Consistency also includes working on those skills and movements that you are not good at.  Being able to make a weakness a strength is not only common sense it is a marker that shows maturity and dedication. Training once a week or every once in a while is not going to cut it.


Understanding that you can't be great at everything and that being the student is a hard pill to swallow for some people.  We see athletes come in all the time who are "fire breathers" at their home box but get crushed when they come to train with us.  Our movement standards are very different, i.e., we have movement standards and we enforce them, and when put into an environment where they are evaluated bu the quality of the movement as opposed to the quantity of the movement they crumble.  Enjoy the process of learning new skills and techniques.  The ability to embrace new movements and concepts doesn't make you a lesser athlete but a better student of life.  Leave your ego at the door along with your cell phone.


Intensity is the red flag that pisses off the bull.  Some workouts are made to be hugely intense while others are made to make you think and practice movement.  Dan John has a great concept he sums up with two terms: Park Bench and Bus Bench.  A Park Bench workout is one where you get the work done, practice the skills and pay your dues.  Intensity doesn't even rear it's ugly head.  A Bus Bench workout is one where you test the skills and attributes that you have been developing during all the Park Bench workouts in the cauldron of competition or under the pressure of the clock. Intensity is also very particular to the person.  Some days a low intensity WOD is all the person needs to knock out the cobwebs and get them in the right frame of mind.

It's not a magic formula. Train the basics, put in the work, don't get wrapped up in your own ego and work as hard as YOU need to.  That's the path to success.


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