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MAK_2012One of my favorite mobility exercises is what I call the Hurdler.  If you've ever trained with us you know what I'm talking about, and even though I really like it, most people absolutely HATE IT!

It's very intense in regards to the Glutes and Hips and you will feel tension and a burn that is more than surprising - it's shocking!  This mobility drill really opens up your Glutes, Hips, Groin and Lower Back as well as pointing out anywhere else you are tight and "bound up".  Be sure to keep your shin as vertical as possible as well as maintaining good posture the whole time. It's not a competition - the goal is to mobilize a little bit more each time until you can get your forearm flat on the ground.The following video shows a great variation of the Hurdler that takes this position even farther... by farther I mean even more painful!  Enjoy!



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