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Why Dragon Door Kettlebells?

I bought my first Dragon Door Kettlebell over 12 years ago and I still use it pretty much every day.  I don't remember what I paid for it back then but it didn't matter - I wanted that Kettlebell so bad!!!  If you figure out what that Kettlebell cost me over the last 12 years it is literally fractions of a penny - and it was the best investment I have ever made.

A lot of people complain that Dragon Door Kettlebells are expensive and that they can get Kettlebells cheaper at Target, Wal-Mart, etc.  My advice to them is go right ahead!  The Kettlebells you get from them, and a whole slew of on-line sources as well, aren't worth the money you spend on them and I guarantee that they will end up doorstops or gathering dust in the back of a closet in no time at all.  Bright colors and bizarre configurations aren't going to make them any easier to use and for the most part make it a whole lot worse.  The design and specs that Dragon Door Kettlebells are made to allow for ease of use and safe handling - something that those other guys can't say.

You pay for quality and the money you spend is an investment in yourself. You are investing in your health, mobility, strength and your future. Look at it this way - you can buy a cheaper Kettlebell but you are not going to like how it feels in your had or how it lays on your forearm. You want a product this is designed by people who actually use the product day in and day out.  You won't find that with other Kettlebell manufacturers and if I started naming names you'd be surprised.

Check out this video by my friend RKC Team Leader Laurel Blackburn on why you want to purchase Dragon Door Kettlebells over other brands!



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