Whacked Out Wednesday Number 11
Why Dragon Door Kettlebells?

The First Ballistic

Within the "Big Six" of the RKC Kettlebell techniques the Kettlebell Swing is the first ballistic you learn and it sets the foundation for those that follow.  In it's own right it is an amazingly powerful tool that stands alone or can be combined with other Kettlebell techniques to provide you with an amazing workout.

There are a lot, and I mean THOUSANDS, of terrible videos on YouTube that show you how to incorrectly and dangerously perform the Kettlebell Swing. All good intentions aside the people who are demonstrating the Kettlebell Swing don't have the training, expertise and experience to be doing them much less teaching others how to perform them.  I can list on one hand the number of people I look to for my own Kettlebell instruction and you can bet that Andrew Read, Master RKC is at the top of the list.

If you are a runner or and athlete of any caliber, the Kettlebell Swing is an amazing exercise that will enhance your endurance, power, speed and mobility.  Check out the following video by Andrew and RKC Team Leader Shannon Scullin on how to properly execute the Kettlebell Swing.



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