"Bending the Bar"
Whacked Out Wednesday Number 009

"It's only the HKC..."

HKCLogoIt's been called the "RKC Light" and other less complimentary things by uniformed and malicious people - but I am here to state unequivocally that the HKC is an incredibly important kettlebell certification in it's own right.  If you are interested in moving better, getting stronger, and giving yourself more quality years as an athlete then you really need to look into the HKC as the tool that will giv

e you all of the above and more.  Check out my most recent post on the Dragon Door RKC Blog for the full story behind the HKC!

BTW - CrossFit Koncepts is hosting an HKC in Gaithersburg, MD on May 31, 2014 with Andrew Read, Master RKC. If you are interested in attending this one-day certification then you need to register NOW because space is limited and this one will sell out!


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