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It's All in the Hips


What?!?!  Another freakin' acronym?  What the heck does "S-S-G" mean?  It means more than the three letters combined and it could be the key to unlocking your athletic potential and extending your longevity.

S-S-G stands for Swings, (Goblet) Squats, and (Turkish) Get Ups.

So?  What does it mean to me?  A whole lot... and I'm talking about everyone from your grandmother to your buddy in the USMC. Really?  How can S-S-G apply to that broad a spectrum of people? Easy! Because the skills, strengths, mobility and conditioning benefits of these three techniques can have a positive impact on anyone and everyone.  This applies to the young and old, strong and weak, flexible and inflexible.  There is something within each of these techniques that will improve your quality of life in ways you can't even begin to imagine.

Think about what the Kettlebell Swing does for you? It creates strength, stability and mobility in the whole posterior chain. It gives you the ability to generate power quickly and the ability to manage it dynamically. The Kettlebell Swing develops the "hinge", a movement that is sorely lacking in most training programs, but one that will make a huge difference in your performance. NOTE: Check out this video of my friend Pat Flynn performing Two Hand Kettlebell Swings for a great example of how to execute this technique.


Think about what the Goblet Squat does for you? The Goblet Squat creates the perfect platform for practicing the squatting movement pattern and establish strength, mobility, stability, and flexibility in the "hole".  For those people who have said that "squatting is dangerous" or is "bad for your knees", the Goblet Squat lets them safely experience the movement without being excessive loaded.  Many people who have squatted for many years, and have used heavy loads, find that the Goblet Squat is "gentler" to perform and actually helps them loosen up cranky, ankles, knees and hips. NOTE: check out this tongue in cheek video by Dan John on the "creation" of the Goblet Squat!


Think about what the (Turkish) Get Up does for you? That's a loaded question and one that would take a lot more space than I can devote to the answer but let's start with this: head to toe integration, control and strength.  The Get Up is a study in positional and transitional strength; integration of the upper and lower body; and the development of tension throughout the body.  There are a lot of exercises that you can do but not many will give you more than the Get Up.  NOTE: check out this great video of Neghar Fonooni doing a Get Up with a 28 kg (61.6 lbs) Kettlebell (at a body weight of 123 lbs):  


BTW - in case you didn't know this the HKC (or the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification) offered by Dragon Door is based upon these three tremendously powerful techniques.  If you are interested in getting stronger, moving better, and adding years to your active lifestyle then I strongly suggest you look into getting this certification for yourself or finding an RKC or HKC to help you develop these skills.  It will be an investment in a stronger and healthier you that you won't regret!


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