CrossFit, the Kettlebell Snatch, and Burpees
Whacked Out Wednesday Number 001

Flexibility Baselines

Are you flexible enough?  I mean really - do you have the flexiblity you need in order to do CrossFit, use Kettlebells or even safely exercise?  Knowing what your baseline flexibility should be can save you from a world of hurt; from excess soreness, to injury, and even surgery.

According Al Kavadlo's article on the Chronicles of Strength website you need to have a certain amount of flexibility in order to safely move forward and build a strength base.  His baselines include:

  1. Touching your toes with your knees locked and hips back
  2. Full squat with heels on the ground
  3. Overhead arm reach while lying on your back
  4. Standing hip stretch
  5. Shoulder stretch and reach

These five drills will give you an idea where you stand and give you somewhere to start working on your felxibility requirements.  While there are other areas that could be included in this list I think that it covers the areas that most athletes need to work on and will benefit from if they develop these attributes.

Check out the following video to see Al demonstrate each of the drills:



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