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A Little Rivalry!

Thanks Quinn!!!

Mak_Quinn_2013Kettlebells are the real deal, and Mike Krivka is one of the best in the business! It’s hard to say I wasn’t skeptical when I stepped foot into Crossfit Koncepts as most of my previous training is barbell and “Globo” gym based. Mike and his work with KB's made me not only stronger in every aspect of my training, but provided me with greater mobility and technique in everything I do in and out of the gym; all while adding a solid 15-20 lbs to my already dense 205 lb frame. 

It’s easy to blow smoke into a testimonial, but the actions and the numbers I put up speak for themselves. I was able to max out on every single aspect of my KB work while I trained with Mike. His guidance and mastery level knowledge of the KB and all its fundamentals helped me post elitist type numbers i.e. unbroken 106 lb 2-hand KB swing for 25+ reps, an unbroken 106 lb snatch for 10+ reps, 106 lb power and split jerk for reps, a double 106 lb KB thruster, and a 106 lb Turkish getup both right and left.

The best part about this heavy KB training is the drug like effects it had on my other compound barbell lifts. With moderate direct training of once every few weeks my Deadlift max went from a respectable 535 lbs with straps to a raw 600+ lb pull in the course of 4 months all thanks to heavy KB hinge movements like the clean, snatch, and swing! Not only that but my max back squat went from a shaky 405 lbs to 455 lbs with solid technique in the same 4 months from compound KB movements like double KB thrusters, single KB thrusters, KB goblets and deck squats! 

Gains like this in an experienced (5+ years), completely natural athlete like myself are nearly unheard of’ so I’ll say it again KBs are the real deal! For all the hard work that I amongst all the other athletes at Crossfit Koncepts put in Mike matches it. He brings out the best in people, and shows them how to truly make themselves better and always challenges them to succeed. I recommend Mike to any level of athlete from beginner to expert, I can only imagine where my level of fitness would be if I had found Mike and Crossfit Koncepts sooner!

NOTE: this was posted on my instructor review page on the Dragon Door website.


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