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Is the TGU for Everyone?

The TGU (or Turkish Get Up) is one of the foundational skills of the the RKC (or Russian Kettlebell Certification) and is one of the all around best tools to help you move better, get stronger, and fill in holes in your tension.  Seeing that there are only six fundamental skills in the RKC "arsenal" then the inclusion of the TGU has got to tell you something.  But can anyone do it?

Let's take a look at the following video by Neghar Fonooni (who is anything BUT your average athlete) demonstrating a TGU with a kettlebell that is half of her body weight:


As far are techniques go the TGU is pretty complex and takes not only a lot of coaching but a lot of awareness on the part of the athlete.  There are positional and transitional strength considerations as well as mobility issues to concern yourself with.  Because of these elements the TGU can be de-constructed and trained in pieces i.e. work on the segments that you are strong in and isolate the ones that you are having difficulty with.  One way to strengthen the movement is to work it from the top-down i.e. from standing to lying down as opposed to lying down to standing.

Max Shank is a Master RKC and his strength, fluidity and control is demonstrated in his presentation of the TGU.  BTW - he is using either a 44 or 48 kg kettlebell (which I can tell you from personal experience is TOUGH and he makes it look easy!).


Then there is this demonstration of the TGU.  This just goes to show you that you can find the good, the bad and the downright UGLY information on YouTube:


NOTE: do your best to model your technique after the first two examples and just enjoy the third one for its comedic value!


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