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CFK Schedule Change

TimechangeAfter thinking about it for awhile and getting feedback from a bunch of people I have decided to move the Monday, Wednesday and Friday 0500 - 0600 PM workout to 0530 - 0630 PM.  This will give more people a chance to get a workout in during the week and also help some people (I'm not going to name any names) get to the workouts on time! :)

Thanks and be sure to make a note on your calendar that this change goes into effect starting this Friday (08/02/13).

The RKC "Down-Under"

I've had the pleasure of attending just about every Dragon Door sponsored training there is and I'm still the most excited about the RKC.  This is a life changing experience for the candidates and it is the culmination of months of training and three long days of instruction.  People leave these events with a new purpose and a new appreciation for the Kettlebell.  It's an honor and a pleasure to be associated with the great people who are part of this organization.

BTW - check out this video from the last RKC in Australia, hosted by my friend Andrew Read!


Wrong Freaking Hotel!?!?

CF2013The last couple times I've been to Los Angeles I've stayed at the Manhattan Beach Marriott but I decided to stay at a different property this time.  Wouldn't you know that the CrossFit Games Athletes were being housed at the Manhattan Beach property. I was no more than five minutes away and didn't even know it... better luck next year I guess!

Check out the gym they put in at the Marriott to help the athletes get ready for the games by going to the CrossFit Games website.

Everything is a Plank...

Okay, there I said it!  There is actually an ab exercise that I like and it's the Plank.  Now I'm not a huge fan of practicing the Plank (I'm easily bored) but I do like the RKC Plank (do a quick search on Google) and practice it.  Why?  Because the Plank is what you are using when you are doing Push-ups, Deadlifts, Farmer's Walk and Carries, and pretty much any overhead technique (even Dead-hang Pull-ups) that require you to brace and hold a locked position.

For more on how to use and train the Plank check out this article by my friend Andrew Read.


The Farmer's Walk

Farmers walkOne of the most under-rated and least utilized exercises in our toolbox is the Farmer's Walk. Brutally simple, highly effective, and stunningly simple in execution the Farmer's Walk will increase your strength, tax your grip, stress your core stabilizers and alignment, and generally just make you miserable.  So why don't more people do them?  Because they're not "sexy" and they don't have a "coolness factor" that excites people.  If you ask any guy in a contemporary gym what his Bench is you'll get a number.  But if you ask him how far or long he can walk holding his bodyweight he'll look at you like you're an idiot.  But, I contest that if you are a serious athlete or even someone who is looking to shed some pounds, that you re-look at the Farmer's Walk as something you need to explore and experience a lot more.  For more on the Farmer's Walk check out this article on the T- Nation website.

Training With Injuries

Knee_injuryAs a lifelong athlete and martial artist I've gone through periods of time (like now) when I had to deal with an injury but still keep on training at some level.  While it's difficult, and really depends on the nature of the injury, you really can find lots to do while recuperating.  Check out this great article by my new friend and partner in crime Andrew on how to deal with training while injured... BTW - there is a guest appearance by Dan John that really helps illustrate the point for "more mature" athletes!