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I have a tendency to use parts of the whiteboard at the gym to leave notes for the other classes and to keep important thoughts and/or guidance in the forefront of your mind while they are training.  The following image is a recent example of something I put on the whiteboard as part of a mini-lecture I gave about scaling and performance.


If you can read my handwriting you'll get some idea how I view the distinction between Chunking (which is good common sense), Cheating (which is stupid because you are only cheating yourself and EVERYONE knows that you're cheating) and Scaling (which allows you to garner skills, experience, and strength in equal measures; not to mention maintain your respect with the rest of your classmates).

BTW - I'm not pointing a finger here (not even close) but I want you all to think about how your actions reflect who you are and what you stand for. 


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