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Are You Drinking Too Much?

German-Woman-Drinking-BeerI'm talking about water - not alcohol!

It seems that all of the rules that we know about hydration may be wrong.  I've come across several articles in the past few weeks dealing with hydration and most of them refute was has been widely held as the gospel for athletes.  The need to replace fluids, minerals and salts through water and sports drinks are for the most part completely unfounded and has no basis in science or research.

With the temperature and humidity starting to climb into the 90's on a daily basis you're going to be needing to replace fluids you lose during the day and especially during workouts.  The question is how much should you replace and how often should you drink?  Check out this article from Adventure Journal to find out more... the takeaway is that you should drink only when you are thirsty and only drink water; save the sugar for the mojito you have with your steak at dinner!


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