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The Future of Fixing What Ails You

In the future you may bypass the ice and the ibuprofen and go straight to rubber - rubber bands that is.  Mr. Dick Hartzell has been touting the benefits of using various size and strength rubber bands to help facilitate movement and repair of injured athletes.  He has presented in front of athletes and trainers around the world and he never fails to entertain and enlighten all comers with his unique and highly effective form of therapy.  Check out the video below to see him in action and learn more about how rubber bands might be just what you need to fix your aching back!


Are You Drinking Too Much?

German-Woman-Drinking-BeerI'm talking about water - not alcohol!

It seems that all of the rules that we know about hydration may be wrong.  I've come across several articles in the past few weeks dealing with hydration and most of them refute was has been widely held as the gospel for athletes.  The need to replace fluids, minerals and salts through water and sports drinks are for the most part completely unfounded and has no basis in science or research.

With the temperature and humidity starting to climb into the 90's on a daily basis you're going to be needing to replace fluids you lose during the day and especially during workouts.  The question is how much should you replace and how often should you drink?  Check out this article from Adventure Journal to find out more... the takeaway is that you should drink only when you are thirsty and only drink water; save the sugar for the mojito you have with your steak at dinner!

Are You Making Mistakes?

Female_xfitNot that I can think of off the top of my head at least - but you may be falling prey to one of the seven mistakes that a lot of CrossFitters make in the gym:

  1. Kipping without a base of strength
  2. Cherry-picking WOD's
  3. Half-assing your workouts
  4. Over-training
  5. Too much competing and not enough training
  6. Lack of accountability on ROM (Range Of Motion)
  7. Avoiding Scaling for RX Distinction

Want to find out more?  Check out the rest of the article (and how to fix your mistakes) from

NOTE: I've italicized a couple on the list that I want you to pay particular attention to... because you know that I'm going to call you on them if I see any of you doing this!

Ten Reasons Why Heavy Lifting is Terrible for Women

This list is from the Lift Big Eat Big website and is so very true!  Can you think of a couple more reasons why women shouldn't "lift big"! :)

1. You will find less and less that you are asked to go to the kitchen and make a sandwich. What will you do with all that free time?!?
2. Men on the Internet will tell you that you are too big. Can you handle no longer being the object of a stranger's fantasy?
3. Pants won't fit because your butt has gotten so big. Imagine actually filling out a pair of pants, the horror!!
4. Your children might see that a woman can be something more than a frail object meant to please a man. Challenging the status quo is never a good thing.
5. You can eat a much larger amount of delicious food and not gain a pound. Disgusting! Pass the tofu and skim milk please.
6.  Men will avoid you at the gym when you lift more than they do. How are you supposed to know how to lift without their constant coaching?
7. You will be able to open a pickle jar without a man or a knife. No one should possess that much raw power.
8. Your bones will maintain a thick density throughout your life. Do you really want to rob a surgeon of your money for osteoporosis treatment?
9. Heavy lifting can be as diverse as you want to make it. Your time would be much better spent on a treadmill every day watching CNN.
10. You will be shunned from old friends that want you to go clubbing every night. Those are the kinds of friends you just don't want to lose.


Cheating Vs. Scaling

I have a tendency to use parts of the whiteboard at the gym to leave notes for the other classes and to keep important thoughts and/or guidance in the forefront of your mind while they are training.  The following image is a recent example of something I put on the whiteboard as part of a mini-lecture I gave about scaling and performance.


If you can read my handwriting you'll get some idea how I view the distinction between Chunking (which is good common sense), Cheating (which is stupid because you are only cheating yourself and EVERYONE knows that you're cheating) and Scaling (which allows you to garner skills, experience, and strength in equal measures; not to mention maintain your respect with the rest of your classmates).

BTW - I'm not pointing a finger here (not even close) but I want you all to think about how your actions reflect who you are and what you stand for.