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Foot Dialing and You

The following video discusses the concept of Foot Dialing and how it applies to properly aligning and loading the joints during a lift.  Most of you are familiar with me saying to "screw your feet into the ground" - which is the same thing. NOTE: we also talk about "screwing the hands into the ground" on push-ups as well.  What Foot Dialing does is set up the joints for maximum movement and load transfer - and make you more injury resistant in the long run.  Take a couple minutes to watch the video and them apply this concept to your next workout.


Gray Cook And MovNat

Some really fun looking drills to make you move better and more naturally from the mind of Gray Cook and the folks at MovNat.  Take a look and you might see some stuff we are already doing... and some things that are coming in the very near future!



I'd like to give you all my thoughts once again on the subject of scaling the workouts.  This month's workouts are all superhero-themed and by definition are all very hard.  There are a lot of them  that entail Double KB's and most of them are in excess of 20+ minutes - not our normal fare.  So... this is a perfect opportunity to learn how to scale the workouts to fit how you are feeling, moving, etc.  On any workout that we do you can modify the load (go lighter or heavier), modify the number of KB's (use one instead of two), or even modify the techniques used (if you are unsure of your stability overhead with two KB's then just go overhead with one).

When I design workouts I always have a goal in mind; and contrary to popular opinion, it's not to destroy you!  (NOTE: any idiot can string a bunch of exercises together and call it a workout.  The goal should be to take several athletic attributes and focus on them in a complementary manner.) Each workout has an underlying concept or theme that I am trying to address... I know it doesn't seem that way but it's true.  In the case of the superhero workouts they are all intentionally hard and require a lot more focus and attention to detail than our regular fare.  Why?  Because being a superhero is hard and sometimes painful work... but I know that you can do it if you approach it the right way.

Scaling should not be about ego but instead about common sense.  Unfortunately, common sense is anything but... because if it was common then this country wouldn't as many problems as it does at the moment! :)

Anyway, if you want to scale a workout and don't know what to do PLEASE ask John or I and we will help you out... I promise! :)


One Arm Push-up

I program a ton of Push-ups into each and every training cycle and if you train with us and keep track of them (some of you do) then you'll know that it's not uncommon to do upwards of a couple thousand a month.  Why so many Push-ups?  Because the Push-up is not only a great strength exercise but it also is a great integration exercise.  What do I mean by integration?  I mean that a well executed Push-up requires you to tense the whole body, lock the torso, core and legs into one unit, and maintain that alignment throughout.  Not only that but if done properly they will develop your pushing and pulling strength without having to use any any equipment other than your own body.

Check out this video by my friend Pat Flynn on how to one of my favorite variations of the Push-up: the One Armed Push-up. Enjoy!


Outspoken About Kettlebells...

No, not me - Andrew Read!

Andrew is a Senior RKC based out of Victoria, Australia and he writes for the RKC Blog and for Breaking Muscle on a regular basis. On top of being a really smart guy and a great athlete he has a really good sense of humor and it shows in his writing... not to mention that he doesn't have a hard time letting you know what he thinks of just about any subject.

If you come across any of his articles take a few minutes and read them - you'll thank me later! :)