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The Turkish Get-up

Watch and learn about why the Turkish Get-up should be a part of your training... as both a training and restorative exercise.  If you don't believe me - how about listening to Gray Cook tell you why he thinks it is so important!


One Out of Six...

Watch the following video and those of you "in the know" will immediately understand what the title of this blog post refers to.

Remember - there are movement standards for a reason.  The primary reason is to ensure your safety but the underlying reason is to make sure you get the most out of every movement.  Take the time, invest the sweat and do it right!


Don't Be "That Guy"!

You know who I'm talking about - the guy (or girl) with really questionable technique that always finishes every WOD first.  Half reps and partial movements my improve your time or your score but they are going to lead you down a path to injury and are not going to give you the strength and mobility that you are looking for.  On the contrary, they are going to make you weak and immobile.

Movement standards are there for a reason.  Not only to show you how to safely and effectively perform a movement but to also ensure that you get the most from it.  Most movements can be effectively scaled back so that even a beginner can benefit and they can also be ramped up so that experienced athletes can more forward.  But never forget this - your ability to move is solely dependent upon the basic skills we teach.  Your mastery of those skills is dependent upon how much time you are willing to devote to mastering them and making them your own.  This takes time and effort and not something that can be rushed - contrary to what you might see on YouTube.

So, don't be that guy or girl.  Learn the basics -master the basics - then go back and relearn them again.  You will be stronger for it!

For a great article on this topic check out this blog post on the Beast Skills website.   Also check out this deadlift - a max effort - and the perfect form that is used to accomplish it:


In contrast, check out this snatch effort and the dangerous technique used for multiple sub-max efforts:


Ten Things You Need To Know About Kettlebells

Great article by a very strong lady!  Check out Neghar Fonooni's article on what you need to know about training with Russian Kettlebells - and let me give you a little preview: it's all about the fundamental movements and proper training!

Check out this great video of Neghar breaking down the Turkish Get-up - excellent points!


More on the BMI...

The BMI or Body Mass Index is a common tool used by doctors and insurance companies to determine your body composition and the associated risk factors.  Supposedly, the lower your BMI the healthier you are going to be and the higher the BMI the more risk you are going to have for cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.  Unfortunately, the BMI is grossly inaccurate and doesn't have any correlation to the risk factors that it supposedly is an indicator of.  Check out this article on Charles Poliquin's website for more reasons the BI should not be used.