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Do You Have What it Takes?

To succeed at anything you need a unique combination of attributes that put you on the right path.  Most if not all will say that you need dedication and focus - and they are partly true.  I would say that those who share their dream and ask for the help of others to succeed are more likely work harder, longer and not quit as easy.  What part does "community", or just plain old friendship, play in success?  I think it has a decisive role.

Think about it this way: John decides to lose twenty pounds by cleaning up his diet and starting to workout in his basement. The first day he eats a good breakfast and lunch, a healthy dinner and even slips in a brief workout.  The second day he skips breakfast (got up late because he was tired from the workout), goes to McDonalds for lunch (got in late for work remember?) and tries to eat a healthy dinner but settles for leftover KFC instead.  The rest of the week kind of goes downhill from there.

Alan decides to lose twenty pounds as well but he joins a CrossFit gym instead of working out on his own.  He's gone that path in the past and knows that it won't lead to anywhere.  Alan meets some fun and highly motivated people who get him excited about losing the weight, getting stronger, and having fun while doing it.  He's sore and tired after the first workout, has decided to look into Paleo and The Zone, and is planning on going back to the gym the next day... and maybe even upgrading his black socks to white ones!

I know it's kind of a stilted presentation but we see this all of the time.  Instead of going through it on his own like John, Allen decides to enlist the whole gym into his goal.  This make him responsible not only to himself but to all of the people he trains with... which means he is going to work a lot harder at not disappointing them than just disappointing himself.

Not a sermon, just a thought!



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