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CrossFit 13.4 WOD

Take a look at the video to see what the CrossFit Open WOD is for this week:

  • Clean and Jerk
  • Toes to Bar
  • Rep Scheme - Ladder: 03/06/09/12/etc
  • Time: AMRAP in 07:00


BTW - I don't think you should ask for a Jerk when you mean "get it overhead any way possible".

Russian or American... Again!

Yes... we've been here before and I'm sure we'll be here again.  The controversy behind the Russian and American Swing will continue until a movement standard is learned and taught across the board.  The RKC community will tout the superiority of the Russian Swing and the CrossFit Community will rail against it.  That's fine - but the CrossFitters need to get their own house in order when it comes to teaching and executing this technique.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the American Swing is NOT a swing but a High Pull to overhead extension.  There have only been a handful of CrossFit athletes that I seen execute this correctly - the remainder are doing a Russian Swing overhead.  This is going to be unsafe in the near and far term to the athletes shoulders, neck and upper spine.  But a clue folks - keep the kettlebell close to the body and punch through to the overhead position.  You shouldn't be trying to decelerate the kettlebell with your hands or shoulders.

Check out this article and the following video and you'll understand my rant...


Moving Forward...

The beauty behind what I do is that I get the opportunity to see people experience, learn and embrace new things.  Some new skills are easy to master in a short period of time while others will take months if not years.  Because I get to see most of you several times a week I get the unique perspective of watching you learn and adapt over time - something that most people can't see.

While learning will come easy to some it is a challenge to most.  It is a process and notsomething that can be rushed.  Inevitably shortcuts in the learning process lead to problems as the skill becomes more developed or loaded.  One element that must be emphasised at all times is patience!  Don't be in such a hurry - revel in the learning process and enjoy being a beginner!


BMI for Losers

If you've ever been to your doctor and they've expressed concern over your BMI (Body Mass Index) then you're in the same boat as me!  I've heard it from two different doctors that because of my elevated BMI that I have an increased risk for heart disease.  Of course my BP is excellent and my resting heart rate is in the 50's...

With that in mind understand this - if you have a muscularly dense body then the BMI is not going to apply to you.  It's used to identify people who are not physically active and are overweight based upon their height.  This doesn't apply to you if you have done weight training for a number of years or are an athlete.

Check out the picture below to see who also has an elevated BMI.  BTW - my current BMI is 32! :)


The Harlem Ambassadors (03/20/13) in Rockville, MD!


CrossFit Koncepts is one of the sponsors for an upcoming fund raising event
with the Harlem
Ambassadors! The event is being held at the Montgomery
College-Rockville Campus Gym on Wednesday March 20th at 0700 PM. 

Tickets are available from the Montgomery Village Kiwanis and are only
$10/person with proceeds going to local charities.  Get ready to be amazed
by dazzling ball handling tricks, high-flying dunks and hilarious family-friendly
comedy!  Kids will also get to play and get photos with the Ambassadors.

The Harlem Ambassadors are college educated, drug-free players who help
support kids and communities. The Montgomery Village Kiwanis is a
volunteer charitable organization dedicated to helping children and the
community. They support projects such as First Book, CSAAC, Relay for
Life, Miracle League and Project Eliminate/MNT.

For more information or to purchase tickets in advance contact the
Montgomery Village Kiwanis at 877/904-8902.

BTW - look carefully and you might see someone you know taking on the
Ambassadors as part of the Montgomery Village Kiwanis Team! :)