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January 2013

New T-shirts Coming Soon!

I finally found a local company that assures me that they can duplicate our logo on a t-shirt so I'm in the process of getting an order placed.  I'm only going to order a small number of shirts initially to see how well they sell and to see if there is a demand for more.  I am also looking at getting some sweatshirts made up as well... and maybe some "booty shorts" as well (No, they're not for me!).  I'll let you know when they're in (should be later this month) and it will be "first-come first-served" on the first batch!

CFKred (1)

More Harm Than Good...

I can't imagine that anyone in CrossFit in particular, and the fitness industry in general, thinks that Jillian Michaels is doing anything good for us.  I had the misfortune of seeing a few minutes of NBC's "The Biggest Loser" the other night and I was appalled at how Jillian treated some of the contestants on the show.  Screaming, yelling and abusing them seems to be all that she has to offer them - it can't be her years of experience as a "trainer to the stars" that makes her a draw on the show.


I've posted a number of videos and images in the past of Jillian so you know how I feel about her.  I can only say that as a CrossFit coach I can't see the benefit of having morbidly obese people doing CrossFit WODs when they have gross movement pattern issues and are unfit to move safely while loaded.  Is it going to take someone getting injured or dying for someone to pull her (and others) off the air and replace them someone who has the experience and know-how to help these people reach their goals in a sensible manner?  I hope not...

International? You Bet!!!

3dBookI am very happy to announce that Code Name: Indestructible has been purchased in thirteen different countries so far!  We've had copies bought in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Belguim
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Kuwait
  • Hungary
  • Phillipines
  • Puerto Rico

Also - we just posted a twenty minute webinar on the Code Name: Indestructible website that you can listen to.  It explains the origin of the book and some of my thoughts on training.  Enjoy!

Cleaning Up Your Snatch!

The Kettlebell Snatch has a daunting learning curve and I've yet to meet anyone who learned how to do it well by training themselves - it's just not going to happen.  But if you've already got some training and are wondering how to improve your technique then you need to watch the following video from my friend Pat Flynn, RKC.  He does a great job breaking the Snatch down and showing you how to improve this challenging technique.  Great work Pat!


January is Going to be GREAT!

January is going to be a crazy month at CrossFit Koncepts!

Here are three reasons why:

(1) We are still seeing record breaking sales of Code Name: Indestructible.
Have you got your copy yet?
(2) We have a Primal Move Certification scheduled for January 26th with
the amazing Miss Adrienne Harvey
(3) We also have an RKC Re-Certification scheduled for January 27th with
Master RKC Phil Ross.

Can this month get any better?!?!


BTW - couldn't resist the opportunity to share this great poster for the events.
What a cool idea!!! I know it doesn't fit the current marketing scheme but I
think it is great anyway! :)