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January 2013

Dan John's Five Key Principles

Dan John's "Five Key Principles" are directed at coaches and trainers but I think they pertain to clients as well!  Take a look at the list and see what you think:
  1. Your athletes and clients goals are the most important
  2. Your athletes and clietns, overall, want results
  3. Your athletes and clients don't "want to look stupid"
  4. Your athletes and clients want community
  5. Your athletes and clients are your best press agents

Want to find out what this list really means?  Check out Dan's article on the T Nation website!

Schedule Change for 01/26 and 01/27/13

Don't forget that the Saturday and Sunday AM WODs are going to be at 0800 for this weekend only.  We have two great events this weekend (a Primal Move certification and an RKC recertification) that will be running from 0900 to 1800 on both days.  Thanks for your help! :)

Also - take a look at the sample t-shirts and sweatshirts and decide which style you want.  There is also a catalog on the front desk for you to look through if you are interested in ordering sweatpants, long sleeve t-shirts, hats, etc., with the CrossFit Koncepts logo on it.  I am going to place the order on 02/01/13 so start thinking about what you want NOW!!!


A Revolutionary Thought

Jamie Oliver ("Food Revolution") has done an amazing job of shining the light on the food that our children are eating every day at school and at home.  His quest is to see whole, healthy foods presented to our children and to have them grow up lean and strong.  Take a few minutes to watch his presentation at TED - it will be worth it.


No Change in Today's Schedule - 01/21/13

MlkIn case you were wondering if there was a schedule change due to the MLK and Inauguration Day plans - nope!  We're open for all three classes today" 1130, 0500 and 0700.

BTW - this weekend's (12/26 & 12/27) schedule is going to be modified due to two events we are hosting at the gym.  Both the Saturday and Sunday 0900 classes will be held at 0800 instead.


More Background on CNI!

3dBookMy friends at DieselCrew (Jedd Johnson and James "Smiity" Smith) were kind enough to interview me regarding my training (past and present) as well as my new nook Code Name: Indestructible.  To read the whole article and get the whole scoop on the book go to the DieselCrew website!

BTW - if you are interested in getting more information about effective strength buiding and conditioning program you will be well served by checking out the work that Jedd and Smitty have done.  Their website has a ton of training resources from reviews to videos.  Be sure to check it out!

CrossFit and Kids


Would you want your kids getting this kind of training on a daily basis?  Do you think it would be an improvement over what they are getting today?

Both of my sons attend a private school (similar to the one in the video) that has PE almost every day - and I think it's great! The more I hear about PE being taken out of public schools makes me feel a "little" better about writing that big check every month!  We need to remember that is school should be about developing the whole child - not just from the neck up - and PE is an integral part of their development as a person.