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The End of Bondage?

Casino_royaleIt's almost here... the end of our James Bond 007 tribute month!  Today's WOD was called "Casino Royale" and challenged you with Kettlebell Clean and Push Presses and Kettlebell Clean and Viking Presses; two very different yet complimentary movements.

There are only two more workouts to go: "Quantum of Solace" and "Skyfall".  Are you ready?  Because the best is yet to come?

An Evening with Dan John - 12/05/12

An Evening with Dan John
Wednesday December 5th, 2012
0700 PM to 0930 PM

Let me as you a couple questions:

DanJohn01Have you ever wanted to have access to one of the top Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the world to answer your questions about training?

Do you want to spend some time with someone in the fitness industry who actually “walks the walk and talks the talk”?

Have you ever wanted someone to take a look at a technique that you are challenged by and give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience to plug the leaks?

Do you have questions about what you or your client’s priorities should be in regards to their strength training needs?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions then here’s your chance!

The one and only Dan John will be at CrossFit Koncepts in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Wednesday December 6th, 2012 from 0700 PM to 0930 PM to host an informal Q&A session about Strength and Conditioning, training methodologies, his personal philosophy on strength, and much, much more.

In case you aren’t familiar with Dan John (which I can’t imagine, but go figure!) then let me give you some background.  Dan is the author of hundreds of articles that have appeared all over the Web (check out:,,,,, etc.) as well as several books on strength and conditioning (“Mass Made Simple”, “Never Let Go”, “Intervention”, and “Easy Strength” (w/Pavel Tsatsouline) and a series of best-selling DVDs (“Intervention”, “Utah Workshop Event”, “Warm-sup, Workouts and Complexes”, “Olympic Lifting for Beginners”, “Perfecting your Kettlebell Form”, “A Philosophy of Strength Training”, and “Everything’s Over My Head”). Dan is one of the most popular presenters in fitness world and regularly works with semi-pro and pro athletes, Olympic hopefuls and members of our armed forces.

DanJohn02Dan is a unique combination of athlete, sage, and coach that you will be challenged to find anywhere else.  His extensive experience, disarming sense of humor, and incredible knowledge of the strength and conditioning is unparalleled.  He is the Yoda of strength and conditioning and he has the unique ability to explain complex concepts in a way that will allow you to grow and experience results that you never imagined.  Having the opportunity to listen to and interact with Dan is one that, if you are serious about learning more and becoming a better athlete, coach, or trainer, cannot afford to pass up.

The cost for this amazing opportunity is only $50/person and will be limited to the first thirty (30) people who RSVP and pay.  Payment for this event is required in advance and no walk-ins or at the door payments will be accepted.  If you are interested in attending this event then contact Mike Krivka at [email protected] or 301/404-2571 as soon as possible.  Remember – payment must be made prior to the event – no exceptions!

More Wisdom from Dan John

I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dan John a number of times over the last handful of years and I always learn something new from each and every encounter.  Those of you who haven't had the pleasure yet have all of his books and DVDs to fall back on, not to mention his volumes of articles and blog posts on the Web.  Case in point is this blog post on the website. This posting, about the "5 Pillars of Successful Training" is another jewel and needs to be read by clients and trainers alike.  Thanks Dan!


Brown and green logoFor the last 10 years, the Washington Animal Rescue League has held a holiday pet food/pet supplies collections drive to help stock their warehouse.  A decade ago, the League started Project Rescue in response to the economic crisis.  As more and more people have lost their livelihoods, shelters across the country have been inundated with animals who are surrendered by their owners because they can no longer afford to care for their family pets. Unfortunately, many shelters are simply not equipped to find enough loving homes for all these animals and many of them end up being put to sleep or are abandoned by their former families.

Since Project Rescues inception, the League now serves over 100 low-income families and individuals in DC. The League has the only full-service veterinary clinic in DC that offers discounted comprehensive care and vaccinations. In addition, they provide emergency shelter for family pets when individuals are escaping from domestic violence or are in transition between homes as well as behavior and training assistance and of course the food bank. 

This program is run entirely on the donations of individuals to the League. It couldn't run without everyone's help. So, if you can bring in some cat or dog food, leashes, collars or toys, and leave them in the box, all donations will go to helping these families that are currently going through very difficult times.

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity and here's a link to the website in case you're interested:

A Strength Legend

Got the opportunity to meet a legend in the Powerlifting community this weekend while I was working with athletes at the IPA National Powerlifting Championships - Mr. Donnie Thompson.  Donnie, or "Super D" as he is called, is a major celebrity in the Powerlifting community and is also an RKC brother of mine.  He was kind enough to take a picture with Mak and I and we also spent a few moments talking about some ways we can work together in the future.  Can't wait! :)


My Next Steps with Russian Kettlebells

Rkc-team-leaderThis was finally released today to RKC community and I thought I would share it with you guys as well:

Congratulations and a big thank you to Mike Krivka for accepting the position of Team Leader in Dragon Door's new RKC leadership. Besides his very long history of loyalty to Dragon Door and the RKC, Mike has shown himself to be a tireless champion of the kettlebell. Most noteworthy has been his sterling work in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. We have always been grateful to Mike for having introduced Dragon Door and Pavel to Dan Inosanto, which led in turn to Dr. Mark Cheng becoming involved with us.

Here is some more information about Mike:

Michael A. Krivka, Sr. is a Washington, DC native who has been involved in Kettlebell training for over a decade and is currently an RKC Kettlebell Instructor and member of the RKC Board of Advisors under Dragon Door (where he has been listed as one of the top reviewed RKCs in the world for the last five years). Mike has traveled extensively throughout the United States teaching Russian Kettlebells to military (USMC, USN, USA and USAF) and law enforcement personnel (FBI, DEA, USSS and CIA) as well hard-living civilians from Soccer Moms to CEOs. He is also a Level I Crossfit Trainer and Olympic Lifting Coach.

Mike runs a Russian Kettlebell/CrossFit gym, and a martial arts school where he teaches Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Escrima, Arnis and Maphilindo Silat) and other martial disciplines, and a 501(c)(3) named Kettlebells for Warriors that raises funds each year to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

His martial arts training background, sparked by a childhood fascination with Bruce Lee, spans early training in Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Wrestling, Western Fencing, Sambo, Ninjutsu, Muay Thai and Gung Fu and has culminated in a Full Instructor status with over 25 years of training in JKD (Jeet Kune Do Concepts) and the Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Escrima, Arnis and Maphilindo Silat) under Guro Dan Inosanto and other prominent instructors. He continues to train in and explore other martial arts to continue to hone his technical and teaching skills.