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CrossFit and Chiropractors

As a CrossFitter you put your body through extreme workouts and range of motion movements on a daily basis.  You are also working (more than likely in a seated position) and you are making accommodations for past injuries.  Normal wear and tear on your spine comes from sports and accidents, not to mention poor posture and weight - but you can fight back!

I've been seeing a Chiropractor for most of my adult life due to spinal issues (structural and from accidents and "misadventure") and have found it to be incredibly beneficial for me.  If it wasn't for Dr. Dorothy Dalton-Sheridan (Stand Corrected Chiropractic) I wouldn't be able to move as well and as pain-free as I do.  I know many of you have tried Chiropractors before - but "Dr. D" is different.  How so you ask?  Because she trains at CrossFit Koncepts three days a week and she "gets" what we are doing because she's doing it to!  She can help you figure out your back, knee or shoulder issues and give you some real advice on how to get healthy again - from someone who knows not only what she's talking about, but what you're talking about as well.

Don't believe me - ask around CrossFit Koncepts.  You'll be amazed at how many of your classmates have or are seeing her as well!


Five Pounds...

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!  How do you lose five pounds?  One pound at a time!  It sounds pretty simple... or is it?

Those of you who are trying to lose weight, and aren't having a whole lot of success, need to try something radical - write down everything that you eat in a food journal for two weeks.  Yes - everything!  This is the only way you're going to know EXACTLY what you are consuming on a daily basis.  If I ask you how your diet is I can almost guarantee that you'll say that it's really good, but you have a few moments of weakness - every few hours!

Proposing a food journal to most people is so radical that they won't even consider it - it makes them way too accountable.  But that's the point - if you want to lose the weight then you have to have a baseline to work from in our to create a plan.  No baseline and your plan will fail.  This is also true of keeping a log of your workouts.  How do you know if you are getting stronger, fitter, more technically advanced if you can't compare workouts over time?

Five pounds of fat take up about five times more space on your body than five pounds of muscle will.  But the five pounds of muscle will make you stronger, move more readily and help you burn the next five pounds of fat.  Seems like one heck of a trade to me!

Get to it!


Texas Hold'em this Friday?

If you are interested in playing Texas Hold'em this Friday (09/28/12) after the 0500 WOD let me know ASAP.  We have four people who have already responded but we need more to fill up at least one table.

BTW - if you don't know how to play watch the following video for an overview of the game!


Good Carbs versus Bad Carbs

Depending on who you talk to you need a certain amount of carbs in your diet to function optimally.  Some people say it's thirty or forty percent while others say it is considerably less.  Irregardless of the percentage it's the amount of carbs you ingest but the quality of them that makes them important.  If you are getting your daily carbs from sugar and processed wheat then you're heading in the wrong direction.  Remember the days when you were advised to load up on bagels and pasta to keep your energy levels up?  Not anymore!  Check out the following graphic for some good information on what kind of carbs you should be ingesting if you are training hard.

BTW - if you are abiding by a Paleo diet then most of these carbs are not within your grasp... sorry!


CLOSED - NRA Basic Pistol Course

Our first pistol course has been sold out for about two weeks and I will be talking to the instructors about putting on another one in the near future.  I'm also talking to someone to put on an active shooter class for us in 2013 as well as a combat pistol class.  I'll pass on dates and additional information when I get everything organized.


The Whiteboard

I love the series of videos online that are basically Whiteboard presentations on various subjects.  I've posted several to the CrossFit Koncepts website on topics ranging from nutrition to weight loss.  Check out this new one from CrossFit HQ using the Whiteboard concept - it's short, sweet and to the point!


Texas Hold'em?

Poker_nightWe've been talking about putting together a Texas Hold'em Poker Night for a while and I'm finally getting around to organizing it.  Everyone is invited and we're thinking of having it on a Friday night after the 0500 WOD.  Call out for pizza and wings and make an evening of it... what do you think?

BTW - you don't have to know how to play Texas Hold'em to come out and have a great time.  We'll have several tables going and plenty of people to show you how to play this game.  It's fast paced, fun and very easy to learn... and I have a bunch of those little cards with all of the winning hands on them so you won't get confused! :)