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To Plank or Not To Plank... That is the Question?

I've been asked to make my opinion known about a pretty common "core strengthening" technique - the Plank.  While it is going to benefit someone who is de-conditioned or has stability issues it is NOT going to improve the performance of someone who has a well established strength base.  While the Plank does demonstrate a degree of strength and core stability it doesn't fall anywhere within what I consider functional strength or movement skills.

Do you REALLY want to strengthen your core?  Try this:

  • Pick up and hold something heavy overhead
  • Pick up something heavy off of the ground
  • Squat with a load on your front or back
  • Pick up something heavy in one hand and go for a walk
  • Do straight leg raises or hanging toes touches
  • Grab a Kettlebell in one or two hands and do some Swings
  • Learn how to properly use the "Wheel of Pain" aka the Ab Wheel
  • Do Push-ups (bodyweight variations or on the Push Up Spikes)

But please, don't spend your training time doing Planks! BTW - want to see more justification for not doing planks?  Check out this great article!

NOTE: if you insist on doing Planks at least do the RKC Plank.  Don't know what it is?  I'll be happy to show you how! :)


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