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To Deadlift or Not To Deadlift... That is the Question?

DeadliftFor most power athletes it's not a question of if they should Deadlift (DL) it's how much and how often.  For others, female athletes in particular, it can be quite intimidating to think about picking up a heavy bar.  So should all athletes DL?  As far as I'm concerned - ABSOLUTELY!

First, the DL is a basic movement pattern that needs to be reinforced and mastered.  Picking things up off the ground should be easy and should not be surrounded by fear of injury.

Second, the DL is a technique that reinforces loading the posterior chain correctly and reinforces all of the Kettlebell techniques that we perform.

Third, and most importantly, the DL will allow you to easily add some "mass to your a$$" and the rest of the posterior chain.  It will build strength and muscle where you need it most and allow you to translate that new mass into performance gains.

BTW - DL to the front or the back? YES!  They are both great lifts and I am very partial to the DL behind the legs to reinforce alignment and proper "uncoiling" from the DL.



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