It's time to but your kids new shoes...
CrossFit in a Few Words!


Practice. You can never do enough of it and you'll never be done doing it.  I posted the following graphic on my martial arts blog but I also decided to post is here as well.  You see, as an athlete you are constantly trying to refine your movement and your technique and that takes a lot of mindful practice i.e. paying attention to what you are doing and not the clock.

If you have the luxury of having time outside of the regular classes you attend (and WODs you do outside the gym) to practice that's great and you're very fortunate.  If you don't, then you're going to have to use the skill prep and review time prior to the WOD to do it.  But here's a really radical approach - as opposed to trying to set a record time in the WOD instead why don't you take that time to perfect a technique that needs some work.  Sure, it will probably slow you down a bit this time through, but you're setting yourself up for a safer and faster WOD in the future.  Just a thought, not a sermon! :)



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