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Dragon Door Kettlebell Instructor Reviews

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am currently the number two reviewed kettlebell instructor on the Dragon Door website.  I've been on there for a number of years (I think it's been more than 4 or 5) and I have been in the top three for most of that time.  Every year or so I send out a reminder to all of my clients (past and present) to take a few moments and add a review to my listing.  It will only take a few minutes, but if you scroll through the over 300 reviews that are already there I'm sure you can find something nice to say.  Thanks in advance!


To Plank or Not To Plank... That is the Question?

I've been asked to make my opinion known about a pretty common "core strengthening" technique - the Plank.  While it is going to benefit someone who is de-conditioned or has stability issues it is NOT going to improve the performance of someone who has a well established strength base.  While the Plank does demonstrate a degree of strength and core stability it doesn't fall anywhere within what I consider functional strength or movement skills.

Do you REALLY want to strengthen your core?  Try this:

  • Pick up and hold something heavy overhead
  • Pick up something heavy off of the ground
  • Squat with a load on your front or back
  • Pick up something heavy in one hand and go for a walk
  • Do straight leg raises or hanging toes touches
  • Grab a Kettlebell in one or two hands and do some Swings
  • Learn how to properly use the "Wheel of Pain" aka the Ab Wheel
  • Do Push-ups (bodyweight variations or on the Push Up Spikes)

But please, don't spend your training time doing Planks! BTW - want to see more justification for not doing planks?  Check out this great article!

NOTE: if you insist on doing Planks at least do the RKC Plank.  Don't know what it is?  I'll be happy to show you how! :)

IPA Raw Nationals

I'll be away from Crossfit Koncepts today (08/18/12) in order to attend the IPA RAW Nationals.  I have been asked by Mark and Ellen Chaillet to attend this event to help familiarize the Powerlifting competitors with Russian Kettlebells.  I'll also be doing some mobility demonstrations and hands-on remediations as well as introducing the newest prototype of the Push Up Spike.  Will try to gets some pictures and videos of the event and some of the fun we have there.



Practice. You can never do enough of it and you'll never be done doing it.  I posted the following graphic on my martial arts blog but I also decided to post is here as well.  You see, as an athlete you are constantly trying to refine your movement and your technique and that takes a lot of mindful practice i.e. paying attention to what you are doing and not the clock.

If you have the luxury of having time outside of the regular classes you attend (and WODs you do outside the gym) to practice that's great and you're very fortunate.  If you don't, then you're going to have to use the skill prep and review time prior to the WOD to do it.  But here's a really radical approach - as opposed to trying to set a record time in the WOD instead why don't you take that time to perfect a technique that needs some work.  Sure, it will probably slow you down a bit this time through, but you're setting yourself up for a safer and faster WOD in the future.  Just a thought, not a sermon! :)


It's time to but your kids new shoes...

I know it's that time of year because I'll be taking the boys out this week to buy them both new shoes for school.. Don't get me started about paying more for their shoes than I pay for mine... what I want you to think about is what kind of shoe you are putting your kids foot into and what the impact is going to be downstream.  As kids grow and development they need to have support and protection but they don't need a heel on their shoes!  We don't want then when we are training and they sure as heck don't need them while they are learning how to move and laying down pathways that will follow then through out their lives.  Check out the following video by Kelly Starrett about what to look for in your kids shoes.


Mobilizing the Shoulder - Part II

We've had a couple posts already about mobilizing the shoulder and here's another one!  According to Kelly Starrett the number one issue he sees in the athletes that he works with is limited internal rotation of the shoulder. We've seen that as well at Crossfit Koncepts and have been working on it for a while through the drills that Dr. Dorothy (Dalton) shared with us.  The following video from shows another way to "voodoo floss" the shoulder the increase internal rotation of the shoulder.  Expect to see this pre and post-WOD as well in the future!


RICE is out - MCE is in!

The following video will change your perspective on how to recover from injury.  The discussion of RICE (Rest - Ice - Compression - Elevation) is great; the reason why it's not the best way to recover from trauma is mind blowing and will change how you deal with future trauma.  It's a little long (26 minutes) but the information contained in it is priceless!

BTW - the long and short is that icing is not the way to treat trauma, it actually slows it down. Not to mention pairing icing with NSAID's is even worse... KStar makes a lot of good points and is taking the average trainers knowledge to a completely never level.