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Runner or Triathlete?

Something I've said for years now is that you need to round out your athletic ability if you really want to be successful.  We have a lot of runners who come through our doors with a lot of aerobic capacity but lacking in the overall strength in their upper and lower body to apply it.  So how do we "round out" our runners?  We get them to mobilize first and foremost.  For people who are fast and light on their feet they are notoriously stiff and inflexible.  Between movement patterns that enhance mobility to sessions with the foam roller, we work on getting rid of the kinks and inbalances.  Next we get them strong.  How?  With Russian Kettlebells.  The foundation of our training program at CrossFit Koncepts is Russian Kettlebells and they have proved to be amazingly effective.  With just two simple exercises - the Swing and the Turkish Get Up - we can get you moving stronger, faster and more stable than ever before.  Don't believe me?  Listen to this video and then make a decision:



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