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Take a few minutes to read this three-part article (Part 1 / Part 2Part 3) - I guarantee that it will change how you think about training and what you need to do in to be strong, mobile, and have longevity.  A strong panel of coaches were polled (including Dan John and Greg Everett) about what five skills would they choose to do the rest of their life. The accompanying graphic is from the WholeLife9 website and shows the multi-joint skills you should choose from if you only could do 05 skills the rest of your life.  It's a pretty good list and I think it holds pretty true to how we train.

NOTE: Something that I have been researching and thinking about lately is how to make the most out of each and every training session.  What I've found is that elite athletes (especially those who have a "lot of miles under their wheels") all do the same things - they train at a moderate level, with a litmited number of powerful tools, and know their bodies well enough to know when to back-off or push forward.



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