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CrossFit Games 2012

I didn't get a chance to watch the games live last weekend but there are a ton of video on YouTube of the various competitions and profiles on some of the top athletes.  Take a few minutes to watch this overview of the games and I think you'll appreciate what these amazing athletes went through last weekend!


Clean Up Your Diet and Clean Up Your Life

There are a handful of books that are a permanent part of my library; books that I refer to on a regular basis as well as re-read again and again from cover to cover.  These are books that have changed my perception and have spurred me to change my training methodology and mindset.  It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig now joins the ranks of Enter the Kettlebell (Pavel Tsatsouline), Movement (Gray Cook), Starting Strength (Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore) and Core Performance (Mark Verstegan) as books that are required reading for anyone who wants to rise from the average to the elite.

It Starts With Food will give you the information and insights that will allow you to make life and performance altering changes to how you look at and consume food.  If you have yet to purchase this book - do it now – and start benefiting from this groundbreaking look at food and life unchained from poor nutritional choices!


I've said it a MILLION times...

If you've ever trained with me you've heard me talk about 'gluteal amnesia'.  What is that you say?  It's when you can't find your butt with two hands, a flashlight and a map!!!  What it really means is that you are unable to engage the largest muscle in the body (the gluteus maximus) and integrate it up or down the power chain.  Want to hit harder?  Work on your glutes.  Want to jump higher?  Work on your glutes.  Want to lift heavier kettlebells or barbells? Work on your glutes.

As long as I've talked and lectured about the glutes being the foundation for effective movement and power I've never seen a mainstream article address this - until now!  Read this article by David Fleming from ESPN and learn why it's "all in the butt baby"!


The Importance of Oral Health

For those of you who hate going to the Dentist (and I know that there are a lot of you out there) think about it this way - it way be a doctors visit that may save your life!  The health of your mouth, gums and teeth are tied into everything - remember: the mouth is the gateway to the inside of your body and if it's compromised then everything else you ingest is compromised as well.  So grab your tooth brush and floss - and then pick up the phone and schedule a teeth cleaning!


Wisdom From Jeff Martone

JeffmartoneCame across this quote from Jeff Martone and I thought I would share it with you all:

"Amateurs train until they get it right.
Professionals train until they can't get it wrong"

Great quote and applies to so much in your life and training... think about it, but not too hard.  Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself! :)

CrossFit and Combatives

Since I started using kettlebells over a decade ago I tried to impress upon all of my martial arts students (and teachers) how important a tool they are in developing not only physical but mental strength.  After starting CrossFit over five years ago I still feel that the combination (kettlebells and CrossFit) are essential to the martial artist if he ever thinks he will have to actually apply the combative skills they are developing.  I have recently started adding Kickboxing as part of our group warm-up in our CrossFit Koncepts classes a couple times a week and I am amazed at how excited people get when they do it and how much fun they have. Big smiles and lots of sweat... what could be wrong with that combination?

The following video features Kelly Starrett (of Mobility WOD) and in it he explains eloquently his reasons for looking at combatives as an integral part of the CrossFit experience.


Fat Head - The Great Health Experiment

Take a few minutes and check out the following video.  It takes on some of the fallacies that were presented in "Supersize Me" as well as some of the common nutrition misconceptions that are prevelent today.   There are eleven episodes but I'll sum it up for you: eat meat, vegetables, fruit and consume fats; avoid carbs and sugar in large quantities; and make good choices, because in the long run, if you're overweight, it's your fault!


Just Another Sunday Morning at CrossFit Koncepts

To those of you who missed this mornings WOD it was a keeper!  The new format is a lot of fun and brings a new level of suck to already challenging series of WODs! :)

BTW - the new thermometer at the gym is getting a real workout.  Check out the temperature and humidity level this morning!

NOTE: while it was hot and humid it was no where near the records recorded by the thermometer!