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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No - it's a Superman Push-up!

First Do No Harm...

In the last week or so I've had three people tell me that "I was holding them back" by not letting them do a particular technique or use a heavier kettlebell. Really?  My job is to establish a safe and viable platform for athletic performance - emphasis on safe and viable.  Just because your boot camp instructor raved about your push-ups doesn't mean you're doing them safely or correctly.  Just because the trainer at Bally's showed you how to do a kettlebell Snatch doesn't mean that you're doing them right.

If John or I notice something is wrong we're going to step in and try to rectify it.  The goal is to fix the problem early in the learning process as opposed to after the movement pattern is solidly ingrained and harder to modify.  We're both very "hands-on" and take what we do seriously and with a passion that will be hard to match.  So if we make a suggestion about how to modify a technique, or to drop down in weight, think long and hard before you think that we are trying to hold you back.  For the most part we are trying to protect you from yourself or from the coaching you've had in the past.

No, we're not perfect, but we have a responsibility to train you in a safe and responsible manner and we take it very seriously... for the most part! Do your mobility work, hit the foam roller, and attack your weaknesses - you will thank us.  BTW - watch the following video and see if you can pick out the things that would not fly at Crossfit Koncepts.



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