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WOD Debrief - Bob Harper Crossfit WOD

On Friday (03/09/12) we put a camera in the corner of the gym and let it run so that we could capture some footage of this WOD as it was done by a cross-section of CrossFit Koncepts clients.  This was done so that we could take a look at how our athletes would perform the WOD as compared to the athletes ("bad-asses") that did it under Bob Harper's supervision in the following video:


As you can see the athletes in this video finished the WOD in well under 10 minutes.  Why?  Is it because they are phenomenal athletes and have great technique? Nope! It's because they took shortcuts on range of motion and technique that, while it gave them a better score, compromised the movement and made it a lot easier and lessened its value.

Compare their performance with the work done by the CFK atheletes.  They all worked just as hard, and in some cases a lot harder than Bob's "bad-asses", but did so without compromising the technique for the sake of a better score.  Full range of motion, proper loading, and safe execution not only make the WOD harder and longer, but in the long run will also make it that much more effective and powerful.  Shortcuts are for the ride home from work - not how you do your workout.


BTW - was the WOD challenging? Yes.  Will we be doing it again? Possibly - but it was heavy on anaerobic endurance and light on the strength side. If we do it again in the future we'll have to look at how to tweak it a little bit to add a more significant strength component to it.


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