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Women and Protein

I have been touting the benefits of Tim Farriss' "Slow Carb Diet" (From his book titled the "Four Hour Body")for a long time (it's very similar to the Paleo Diet) and those of you who've tried it have had great results.  Up until now there hasn't been a whole lot of science (that laymen and women have access to) that would explain the differences between a low-carb and a high-protein diet (especially in women).  Check out this article and see what you have been missing out on.  Please note that the study participants DID NOT exercise during the course of the study so the increase in lean muscle mass was not influenced by exercise.  If the study participants DID exercise I am sure that the difference would have been startling...

So... drop the salad and eat a steak ladies!!! :)

Talking S@#t!


Everybody does it and some people do it several times a day.  Get your mind out of the gutter - I'm not talking about that you pervert!!??!!  I'm talking about taking a dump, making a deposit in the ceramic bank, etc. This article from CrossFit Invictus gives you some general guidelines when it comes down to evaluating your overall health and well-being based on the quality of your stool.

While talking about your daily bathroom habits is not a pleasant task it's a conversation you need to at least have with yourself.  As a sufferer from IBS since I was in my teens (mine was stress and diet related), I've been accutely aware of this particular bodily function.  Now that I am in much better control of the stress in my life and have a better handle on my diet I rarely have any IBS symptoms; and when I do have them I know what to do to reverse them.

Read the artcle... it's not only informative it will make you think about poop in a whole new way.

NOTE: do NOT bring your poop in to the gym to be evaluated!?!? :)

The CrossFit "Cult"

Thanks to Luke for passing on this article from Yahoo entitled "Inside the Cult of CrossFit".

Take a few minutes to read it and you'll find that it gives voice to both the good and the bad about CrossFit... and Lord knows that there is a lot of both to be found!  I can argue several points but all in all it's a pretty fair assessment of the program.  One thing I did like was, that while the author stuck with CrossFit for 03 months and had some great results, she ultimately decided that it wasn't "her thing".  You know what?  That's okay... because if 10 people that walk in the door to CrossFit Koncepts on any given day, 08 of them will leave and not come back because it's "not their thing".  Each and every one has their own reason for not returning - and they are all valid - but the 02 that stick around are in for the ride of their life and are going to stretch their comfort zone and accomplish amazing things.

BTW - I didn't refer to the "cult" reference because it is a great headline and has very subtle, but strong, associations to negative things.  In today's society anything that elicits a strong emotional response (excitement, passion, enthusiasm, etc.) is labeled a cult.  You would think that anything that elicits these positive emotional states would be lauded as opposed to demonized.  Just a thought, not a sermon...

Bob Harper Talks About CrossFit

Bob Harper, trainer from "The Biggest Loser" has been training at a CrossFit affiliate for a while.  In the following video he talks about his passion for CrossFit and how it has changed his perspective on fitness.


NOTE: Maybe someone should have taken some time and shown him how to Swing a Kettlebell and do a decent Burpee before they started this WOD... :)

Together We Can Accomplish More...

"Coming together is a beginning;
Keeping together is a process;
Working together is success."
 - Henry Ford

This is the underlying principle behind our group and my teaching philosophy.  We can grow and learn more effectively and completely together than we can on our own.  Each and every one of us owes a debt to everyone else in the class for getting them where they are today and for taking them where they are going to be tomorrow. We are honor bound to help each other through the rough times and to make our weaknesses into strengths.

Identifying Poor Movement Cues in the Pull-up

In the following video Kelly Starrett (from walks through a number of poor movement cues that are related to the Pull-up.  Recognizing that the Pull-up is a full-body technique, and that faults in the Pull-up will very likely be translated into other full-body techniques, it is very important to minimize any issues that are identified as soon as possible in the development of this skill.


Dan John's "Never Let Go" - FREE!

Run - do not walk - over to to claim a free copy of Dan John's book "Never Let Go".  I'm not sure how long it will be offered for free but if you are interested in getting some great essays on training, recovery, weight loss, and more - download the book NOW!

NOTE: I've had the pleasure of meeting Dan at a couple RKC events and left every encounter a lot smarter - not to mention I had a great time listening to his stories and anecdotes.  Dan writes the way he speaks so you are in for a real treat with "Never Let Go". Also, Dan and Pavel just published a new book called "Easy Strength", and while I haven't read it yet, I'm sure it is packed with a ton of information.

BTW - the essay on Free Will is amazing.  Think about what Dan is writing about and see if too much free will is derailing you from accomplishing the goals you want.