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The Muscle Up

The Muscle Up is a technique that I haven't had the chance develop yet and am looking forward to tackling in the near future.  The following video gives you two examples of how it can be done - both are great but one or the other will appeal to you based on your overall upper-body strength and your coordination. If you have the upper-body strength to do the Muscle Up slowly the first version will work well for you, but if you have the lower-body integration and upper-body coordination the second version might fit you better.  You'll have to decide for yourself!


Martin Luther King Birthday Schedule Modification


Just in case you missed the announcements in class over the weekend or the emails that were sent out - we are only having WODs at 1200 and 0500 PM today.  Have a great day and make sure you get in early for your workout!  Thanks!


BTW - couldn't resist this picture!?!?  Not sure if it was the Kettlebells, the One-arm Handstand or the Leg Warmers!?!? :)

For Good or Bad...

Reebok is here to stay as an integral part of the future brand for CrossFit.  Many people think that the sponsorship of CrossFit by a large company like Reebok will signify the death of the hard-core fitness environment that has been created.  Others think that the inclusion of Reebok will bring CrossFit to the masses and help bring the concepts and training methodology to a greater number of people in a shorter amount of time.

What do I think about it?  Well, it's definitely going to increase the exposure of CrossFit but I'm afraid it will also cause changes that will invariably weaken the environment and the training.  Time will only tell, but I can assure you that the training we are doing now at CrossFit Koncepts will not be affected by corporate sponsorship or anything else - we are going to continue to provide the best training available at the best price around - period.


Who Wants to Live Forever?


I've always said that I wanted to live long enough to be either a burden to my kids or at least long enough to embarass them in from of their children! :)  By following this link on the Living to 100 website you can see what your chances are.  I figure that I'm doing all the right things to keep me mobile and mean until I'm at least 100... give or take a couple years!

BTW - I calculated out at 97 years... about what I was hoping for!  Looking forward to many happy years at "Seizure World"!!!

Sweat RX Online Magazine

CamilleSweat RX online magazine is an online magazine for the CrossFit community in Canada.  They also have a Sweat RX website that has a lot of resources for Crossfitters regardless of where they are from. Make a point to bookmark the website so that you can check back periodically for updated content.

NOTE: featured on the cover is Camille LeLeblanc-Bazinet who competed in the CrossFit Games in 2011.   She is not only a phenomenal athelete she is articulate, funny... and exceedingly easy on the eyes!  Check out her performance doing "Fran" on this video from YouTube.

What CrossFit Is and Isn't... Huh?!?!

BullshitDo you know what a passive-aggressive personality is?  It's someone who uses any means necessary to get attention, from anyone, in order to fulfill their needs or affirm their existence.  In some instances this can be exhibited by utilizing extreme actions, often destructive, in order to get attention.

There are people on the Internet who do the same thing in order to help establish a name for themselves or to promote whatever product or agenda they have.  A perfect example would be someone who wants to get attention for a new or existing product that needs to be revitalized - so they attack their competitor in the hopes that there are others out there that don't like the competitor as well.  This will get both positive and negative attention on the Web; positive attention from fellow detractors and negative attention from supporters of the competitor.

Another good example of this is what I call "CrossFit Bashing".  CrossFit Bashing is very popular nowadays, especially since CrossFit has exploded in the fitness world in the last couple years.  There are a lot of detractors out there who have never walked into a CrossFit box, much less do a WOD or work with a CrossFit trainer.  A good example is this article by Dewey Nelson where he supposedly defines what he does and then states that CrossFit (which he considers an extreme sport) doesn't do the same thing.  Read the article and see if your experience at CrossFit Koncepts is a LOT different than what he states in the article.

Personally I think it's BS... but at least the CrossFit Bashers are doing a good job at making my job easy when it comes to showing people that CrossFit Koncepts can help them meet their fitness goals and have a great time doing it! :)