Swinging the Mace
Hard Style versus Sport Style

I Love Fran...

In this instance I'm talking about mu beautiful wife!  Fran the WOD is another story altogether!?!?  We did that crazy b@#$ch the other night and it was always an educational experience.  A couple people experienced her for the first time while others knew what was waiting for them - none were disappointed!

The following video is of me doing the WOD with a 28kg Kettlebell.  I've done Fran (the WOD) using several different configfurations (Olympic Bar, Douple Kettlebells, One Kettlebell, etc.) but had never tried it with a single HEAVY Kettlebell.  It was an interesting experience to say the least and one that I look forward to doing it again sometime soon and shaving off some time.  Enjoy!

BTW - thanks to Denise for manning the camera during the WOD and not laughing too loudly!  I will be posting the video of her effort soon!



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