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Mini Strength Clinic - 02/04/12


This Saturday, February 04, 2012 from 1030 AM to 1200 PM, we will be having a Mini Strength Clinic to cover the foundation of all barbell lifting techniques - the Deadlift. 

This clinic is for anyone - from beginners to seasoned CrossFit veterans - who is interested in learning more about this lift.  While the basics behind this lift will be covered during classes we will be going into greater depth than class time normally will allow.  This is the perfect opportunity to have your technique evaluated (and videotaped) and be able to watch other athletes develop their technique and skills.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Stance Variables - narrow and wide
  • Grip Variables - thumbs in and thumbs out
  • Bracing - internal and external
  • Loading Cycles - how much and how often
  • and much more

Cost for CrossFit Koncepts clients is $20/person and $25/person for everyone else.

Defining CrossFit

There are a lot of definitions floating around that try to encompass what CrossFit really is.  The following video, that was aired just prior to the CrossFit Games in 2011, does a pretty good job at defining the spirit of what CrossFit really is...


A Ton of Kettlebell Swings

While not everything that is demonstrated is a Kettlebell Swing (at least not how I define a Swing at least) there are a lot of creative techniques in the following video.  Many of you will recognize that the technique being used is more GS than RKC, but the ideas behind the movements are universal.


Great Manual Scapular Stretch

Many thanks to Jerry Shreck for posting this online for us all to view!  Jerry is the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Bucknell and is a great resource for all things training. Give this strech a try on one of your training partners and then have them do it to you - you'll thank them and Jerry.


23 1/2 Hours a Day

I know I've posted this on the blog sometime in the last year or so but I came across it again today and just had to re-post in the hope that you would share it with others.  This is a very informative video with some powerful data and results attached to it.  Basically it shows that just 30 minutes of walking can make a tremendous impact on all areas of your life.  While I know that none of you guys and gals consider walking to be "exercise", imagine this: if 30 minutes of walking is that powerful, can you imagine the benefits you are getting from doing CrossFit and Kettlebells three or four times a week?  Watch this video and share it with others - it really is that good!


Hard Style versus Sport Style

There are two basic "styles" of Kettlebell training (this excludes some of the patently stupid examples of kettlebell technique and their associated certifications): "Hard Style" or the RKC method and the GS Sport or "Soft Style".  Both of these styles have loyal, dedicated and competent athletes following them and both will make you both functional and fit using the Kettlebell.  Both have solid methodolgies and training methods that allow the athlete to learn and progress from basic to intermediate and on to advanced techniques.  Both are also helmed by dynamic and charismatic athletes that can both "walk the walk and talk the talk".

So, why pick one over the other?  It's really going to be based on your personal preference.  In my case I prefer the RKC method because of it's emphasis on strength, tension and explosive power.  These elements are harmonious with the over thirty five years of martial arts training that I have.  The GS or Soft Style emphasizes relaxation, endurance and flow.  This style of movement is also harmonious with some of the martial training that I have had in the past thirty five years but doesn't fit into the tactical or combat mindset that I bring to my own training.  This is not to infer that the GS method doesn't work; the top tier athletes in this sport are amazing and have endurance to spare.  It's my personal preference for explosive power, dynamic tension, and combative strength applications that makes me train (and continue to train) in the RKC method.  If you are interested in learning how to use Kettlebells with a more of an endurance or sport emphasis you would be well served finding a good GS Sport coach and learning their method.

NOTE: the folowing video gives a pretty good side-by-side comparison of the RKC and GS methods.  Take a look and see what you think!


I Love Fran...

In this instance I'm talking about mu beautiful wife!  Fran the WOD is another story altogether!?!?  We did that crazy b@#$ch the other night and it was always an educational experience.  A couple people experienced her for the first time while others knew what was waiting for them - none were disappointed!

The following video is of me doing the WOD with a 28kg Kettlebell.  I've done Fran (the WOD) using several different configfurations (Olympic Bar, Douple Kettlebells, One Kettlebell, etc.) but had never tried it with a single HEAVY Kettlebell.  It was an interesting experience to say the least and one that I look forward to doing it again sometime soon and shaving off some time.  Enjoy!

BTW - thanks to Denise for manning the camera during the WOD and not laughing too loudly!  I will be posting the video of her effort soon!


The Difference Between Stability and Mobility

Dr. MArk Cheng is one of the smartest guys I know and when he talks I listen - and so should you!  In this short video Dr. Mark talks about the difference between Stability, Mobility and Flexibility.  It's great information and should get you thinking about what you need to work on.

NOTE: the Movement Preparation drills that we have been working on for the last couple weeks are designed to not only increase your mobility but to also enhance your stability and flexibility.  If you seem to be having trouble with any one of the drills let John or I know and we'll check you out and see if we can pinpoint the problem and help you move forward and move better!