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I came across an article on a fellow-CrossFitters website that I wanted to share.  It is entitled "Who CrossFits" and I think it's an important article to read for people who are current CrossFitters or (especially) anyone considering CrossFit.

A lot of attention is given to Rhabdo, puking and community when people talk about CrossFit.  I've been doing CrossFit for almost 05 years now and never encountered a single case of Rhabdo, but I have had clients that were sore as hell for a couple days.  I honestly can say that I've never puked before, during or after a workout... but I have had people do it (thanksfully outside).  As for community - I think that is the glue that makes everything else work so well.

But... diversity is one of the real factors that makes us so unique.  We have clients that are young (<18) and clients that are "seasoned" (approaching 70); we have beginners (training with us for a matter of days) and we have veterans (people who have been with us for almost 05 years now); we have clients that are doctors, lawyers, teachers, police officers, geeks, etc.  The most amazing thing about this diverse group is... they work together amazingly well - and revel in their differences.

Thanks to all of our CrossFit Koncepts clients - you make coming to work every day an adventure!


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