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Push-ups Revisted

Baby-push-upAfter just returning from three days of intense training on bodyweight skills (Thanks once again to Pavel, Mark, and Max) I am finding myself reviewing and reassessing my own strength skills, in particular by bodyweight skills.  That's the problem with training with people who are at such a high level - they make you want to work harder and harder!

Anyway, we spent a little time at the workshop talking about Push-ups - but not a whole lot.  The reason being is that if you can't do a Push-up ( a REAL Push-up) and lots of them, then attempting a lot of the more advanced bodyweight skills will be a lost cause.  I think a lot of people shoot right past mastering the Push-up in favor of more "impressive" or "flashier" skills - to their own detriment.  Being able to perform a strict Push-up is a real skill, and will establish a strength, mobility and flexibility baseline for other skills.

BTW - this article on Push-ups is great (thanks Cristine Ceelys for pointing it out to me) and it states that when performing a normal Push-up you are manipulating 64% of your bodyweight.  I always assumed it was closer to 45%... so this brings the strength requirements for the Push-up to a new level for me.


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