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Strong Women are Sexy

Check out this video from the UFC Fan Expo.  CrossFit was asked on short notice to put on a series of demos on the CrossFit methodology - and this is the end result.  The video is from the women's competition but shows some real creative pairing of techniques to make a very challenging WOD.


You Can't Out-Snatch a Doughnut!

Many people think that if they work out really hard (i.e. lots and lots of cardio) that they can eat  whatever they want and not pay the price with fat.  WRONG!  You might be able to get away with it when you are young and your metabolism is cannibalizing every calorie to keep you moving, but as you get older your diet has to support and bolster your exercise program, not work against it.

It doesn't matter if you are doing The Zone Diet, Paleo, or The Four Hour Body Slow-carb diet, they all support sustaining and creating muscle while minimizing fat storage.  The following video give a good (but somewhat humorous) demonstration of how little cardio will contribute to your overall ability to burn calories if your diet sucks.

BTW - I don't remember who originally said "You can't out-snatch a doughnut" but it's the truth... I've tried!


The Four Hour Body Revisited

My beautiful wife Francine mentioned to me that she picked up another copy of "The Four Hour Body" at Target where it is on sale at thirty percent off the cover price (unfortunately this was last week).  It seems she was getting tired of me bitching about her walking around with my autgraphed copy of the book and getting it banged up.  Anyway - it's available both in store and online at Barnes and Noble for $16.36!  Trust me - it's worth every penny!


NOTE: the following video is long (almost 60 minutes) but Tim presents a lot of the concepts behind The Four Hour Body.  Excellent presentation and well worth the time spent watching it.


Congressional Medal of Honor WOD - John Basilone / USMC

EllenFlackVest Sunday's workout was named in honor of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient John Basilone (USMC). John Basilone (November 4, 1916 – February 19, 1945) was a USMC Gunnery Sergeant who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions at the Battle for Guadalcanal where he singlehandedly held off over 3,000 Japanese troops after his 15-member unit was reduced to only two other men.  In addition to recieving the CMOH he also posthumously recieved the Navy Cross.

NOTE: kudos to Ellen Polster who did the workout while wearing a 15 lbs flak vest!

John Basilone / USMC

Workout I

  • 07 KB Swings
  • 07 KB Cleans
  • 07 KB Snatch

Workout II

  • 07 Pull-ups
  • 07 Push-ups
  • 07 BW Squats


  1. AMRAP in 21 minutes; ~16 rounds as RX
  2. Partner WOD - one person works while one person rests
  3. Each partner alternates workouts each round
  4. 53 lbs KB/Men and 35 lbs KB/Women

Blunt Force Trauma

JackAndMike Judging from the picture below it looks like Mike Belyea really enjoyed the workout!  I don't think he moved for a good five minutes of so after he finished his last rep...

Blunt Force Trauma

  • 10 KB Snatch
  • 10 Box Jumps
  • 10 KB Thrusters
  • 10 Pull-ups


  1. 07 Rounds for time (~25 minutes)
  2. 53 lbs KB/Men and 35 lbs KB/Women

CFK: Who We Are

I had a really disturbing conversation the other day with someone who was interested in CrossFit.  They said that they had gone to several other CrossFit gyms (here locally Montgomery County, MD) to look into getting some training.  After explaining their limitations and requirements they were politely but firmly told that they couldn't help them and that they should look elsewhere for training. Huh?  Just because someone is going to need a little extra attention and handling they aren't interested in having them as a client?  I think this sucks and is completely at odds with what (I think) CrossFit is supposed to stand for.

CrossFit is first and foremost a fitness philosophy that will maximize the individuals athletic potential.  Secondarily, it is a community that is comprised of individuals that collectively make each other stronger, more resilient and more complete human beings.  Some people are going to be "fire breathers" and some aren't - but that doesn't make them less deserving of our time and effort to help them develop their potential.  If you are a coach and you decide that coaching is your calling, then you need to approach each new client (with or without limitations) as an opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional, and learn from the experience.  Sending someone packing because you don't have the time or patience to work them is unfair, immature, and unprofesssional.

The individual ("The Admiral") in the following video is an inspiration to me and should be to you as well.  I would rather have ten people like him that a hundred "fire breathers" any day of the week!