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Rhabdo The following article from The New York Times is entitled "Getting Fit Even if it Kills You" and it talks about how extreme CrossFit training is and how dangerous Rhabdo (short for Rhabdomyolysis) is.  Both are true - training at a CrossFit gym is not like going to Curves (thank God)a nd Rhabdo can kill you (but so can heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity).  But you can drop dead on a treadmill at Bally's (I've seen it happen) and you can get MRSA from lifting at 24 Hour Fitness (had a client who contracted it there).

Instead of focusing on the tens of thousands of people (worldwide) that are improving their lives every day by doing the CrossFit WODs they choose to scare people into not looking into CrossFit as a safe, effective, and proven method of training.  Granted, this article first appeared in 2005, but the majority of current articles approach CrossFit in the same (unfavorable) light.


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