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Kettlebell Training in Russian Prison

Female Celebrities who use Kettlebells and CrossFit

Malin Both Russian Kettlebells and CrossFit have their roots in the last 20 years they have gone in seperate directions while ending up in the same place - elite strength and fitness.  It is no surprise that celebrities who need to look great and move like athletes on screen look for the most efficient and effective ways to get and stay in shape.  Check out this article on on celebrities who are using Kettlebells and Crossfit to create killer bodies!

BTW - if you don't recognize the young lady in the picture to the right it is Malin Ackerman.  She is readily recognizable to fans (mostly guys) of the movie "The Watchmen" but may also be recognized by their girlfriends (if they have any) from her appearances in "The Proposal" and "Couples Retreat".


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