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CrossFit in "Shape" Magazine

Squat To say that CrossFit has gone mainstream would be an understatement! How do I know?  Well there's an article in Shape magazine - and that doesn't get more mainstream media.  Normally touting the latest Pilates move or low-fat diet, the article describes one woman's CrossFit experience - and success.

"My take on CrossFit is this: It's the most ridiculous, strenuous, lung-clenching, heart-throbbing and sopping-wet workout you'll ever do. Forget the elliptical — what a joke. Yoga? No big deal. And running, is that all you've got? If it doesn't hurt and you don't feel like puking up your lunch then you aren't working hard enough. Go big or go home! Trust me, your body will thank you.

In all seriousness, I can say that I have achieved better results in five weeks with CrossFit than with any other attempt I've made at exercise. And I've pretty much run the gamut, from yoga, Pilates, biking, running, personal training; you name it, I've tried it. So give it a go and see if you feel the same."

NOTE: this looks like part one of a multiple part article that will be chronicling the authors CrossFit experience.  I'll be sure to post future installments when I come across them.


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