205 lbs One Arm Overhead Squat
August = The Women of CrossFit Koncepts


Zatanna Okay, I admit it - I'm a comic book geek!  Have been all of my life and I've got my boys reading them now as well.  I guess it could be a lot worse - I could like Hip Hop or Rap music instead!?!?

Anyway, last nights workout was called "Zatanna" after a character from the DC Comics universe that is a stage magician and a real magician.  She has ties to Batman and is always helping out when things take a magical twist.


  • 05 Burpees
  • 05 Double Kettlebell Snatch

++AMRAP in 17 minutes; ~09 Rounds
++53 lbs KB/Men and 35 lbs KB/Women

NOTE: been needing some extra work on my Olympic Snatch so I decided to do Zatanna with the Olympic Bar instead of the Kettlebell... and I'm glad I did!  I only had 65 lbs on the bar but it was just enough weight to make me slow down and work on the transitional skills for the Snatch (with a full Overhead Squat).  I'm really proud of the rest of the 0500 PM class as well - they did the workout with either the Oly Bar or a dowel and everyones Snatch technique improved tremendously by the end of the workout! :)  Using the Olympic Snatch was a great change of pace and has increased my confidence in both teaching and using this lift.


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