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The Women of Crossfit Koncepts - 2

I just wanted to share a couple pictures of the amazing women we have training with us.  Both Kim and Jessica (pictured below) are new to Deadlifting but have continually added weight to their lifts and are progressing each and every workout.  Not to be outdone, Nicky, Ramona, Chris, Dorothy, and others have been getting PR's at almost every workout! Great Job Ladies!!!


A New PR

I've been working with everyone on their Deadlifting technique and have made some improvements as well.  While I haven't done any serious Deadlifting in over ten years I PR'd a few weeks back with an easy 355#'s and more recently at 365#'s.  My goal is to hit 400# by the end of June or early July while scaling my bodyweight down to about 210#'s.  I'll post pictures when I hit both goals! :)