Closing in on Number One!
Before I Catch Too Much Grief...

There's Lots Going On At CFK!

MM_2011_01 I hate to admit it but I've been really busy that last couple weeks and I've fallen way behind on making updates to the CFK web site!  Sorry! :P

We are in the process of ramping up the Kettlbells For Warriors events for 2011 and already have dates planned for Jacksonville, FL; Columbia, SC; York, PA; Washington, DC; Nashville, TN; San Diego, CA; and New York City, NY.  It's going to be a great year and I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of new friends and working with some of my heroes - our wounded warriors.

In addition to the Kettlebells For Warriors events there are a number of Kettlebell workshops scheduled in the coming months.  Everything from a KB 101 (intro) to a KIX 101 (KB's, Indian Clubs and TRX) - not to mention a couple that are in development.

We will also be looking at moving into a larger and much nicer facility in the coming months.  We've already got a new location scouted out and will be negotiating with the landlord very soon to start the build out and modifications to the new location.  This will include a Mens and Womens bathroom - with a lock on the door!?!?

Thanks to all of you for being so patient and amazing clients! 


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