"All pulling is pushing through the heels..."
Kettlebells For Warriors Events - 2011

Kettlebells on Yahoo.com!?!?

KBChic Just wanted to pass on this link (thanks again to Paul H. for pointing it out to me) concerning using Kettlebells to burn 300 calories in 15 minutes.  As you read the article you'll see that they recommend doing the Overhead Press, the Deck Squat, the Swing-Catch-Squat, and the Tactical Lunge. Okay... I can see mentioning the Overhead Press and Tactical Lunge as good exercises with kettlebells for a rookie to try.  What I can't imagine is having someone (who doesn't have any hands-on training from an RKC) attempting to do a Deck Squat (with a KB) or the Swing-Catch-Squat!?!? Can you say "a quick visit to the Oral Surgeon"?

Anyway, there is also a link to a slideshow on the Self Magazine website.  Enjoy!


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